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Bed Size Guide

Beds Buying Guide

Shopping for a bed is a confusing, bewildering one in many cases and as its such an important purchase it is imperative that you go in 'eye wide open' and fully versed in the terminology and knowledge you will need in order to make the right decision.

Below are experts have pullked together this no-nonsense guide to buying the right bed for your needs; whether you are a man woman or child and whatever your style requirements or needs may be.

UK Bed Sizes

Although no bed sizes are exact most manufacturers produce beds to either European, UK or US standards. This can make choosing a bed by 'size' confusing as a King Size Bed in the USA are different than they are here. Our beds all conform to UK size standards and we have highlighted them below for you:

Standard Double Sizing:
Length: 236cm | Width: 147cm

Standard Kingsize:
Length: 246 cm | Width: 160cm

For more on bed sizes visit the Wikipedia page here

Choosing your Bed

So you are in the bed store but how do you choose the right model? Start by following these quick rules:

1. To test firmess lie on the bed and place your hand under yourself ion the lower back area. If your hand can move around easily the bed is too hard, if it is difficult to move around then it may be too soft for you. You are looking foir a happy medium!

2. Lie down and spend a couple of minutes to see how you 'mold' into it. It should feel supportive but soft.

3. Don't just lie on your back either, roll around and try your favourite sleeping positions!

Types of Bed

There are of course lots of types of bed styles and the main ones are:

1. TV Bed - where the TV is stored and operated from the foot of the bed - often sitting within a remote controlled housing which pops the bed up and down (like ours does!)

2. Divans - often the cheapest Divans act as a base for your mattress and offer no styling. Often they just have draws in for storage.

3. Bedsteads - are the most popular as they usually have styled or ornate headboards and footers.

4. Folding - do what the name says on the tin. Fold away for easy storage and better use of space.


Other Considerations

 1. Although spending several hundred pounds on a bed can seem expensive when you think that you spend 1/3rd of your life in it and that every £100 you spend on a bed represents just 2.7p a night over 10 yearsits not a bad way to spend your cash!

2. Spend money on a mattress is the key to clever bed buying. A £150 frame is perfectly fine if combined with a quality memory foam mattress or pocket sprung version. 

3. After regular use a bed may have deteriorated by as much as 75% from its original conditio after 10 years so it is best to start thinking about a replacement after five.

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